Our gamut of services is all about helping enterprises achieve business transformation and tremendous value for their IT investments.

Product Fitment Studies
TransSys’ approach involves studying the existing business processes of companies that intend to adopt package evaluation. We then map them to functionalities offered by various software packages. Evaluation activities are conducted both onsite and offshore.

Fusion Transition Consulting
Many customers are on cross-roads when it comes to Fusion adoption. Customers are still unclear whether they should tread the path of R12 or switch over to Fusion Applications. Our Fusion transition consulting would clearly identify the benefits and challenges involved in moving from traditional eBusiness suite or other ERPs to Fusion Applications.

Cloud Migration Strategies
Cloud is still a buzz word for many though they realize they cannot escape from that adoption. Hence, customers can choose this offering from TransSys to make an informed decision in this regard.

Application Healthchecks
Many organizations which implemented ERP solutions many years ago would want to do a performance and functionality healthcheck of their ERP to evaluate whether their investment is optimized enough. TransSys comes with right credentials and expertise to handle these assignments.