Learning – Way of Life

Learning – The Way of Life

What comes to our mind when we say “LEARN”?

Parents, teachers, elders – oh No!!! Again the same word at work also?

……I have already spent enough part of my life learning. What else is expected now???  On a different note; we all love to earn for our livelihood. Let’s have a different take to this……the L in the love & livelihood when added to earn turns into Learn. Interesting take…is it!!

If earning has to be continuous, then adding L becomes pertinent for the continuous process.  Don’t you agree?  The outcome is there to grab and enjoy à Respect, Maturity, Money, Status etc.,

I often wonder why learning is not given the pedestal it ought to be. The moment it is seen in isolation as a separate effort, it becomes difficult for us.  What if it becomes a habit like brushing our teeth and other daily routines which are inseparable from us? Then, I am sure we would do it effortlessly.

But why is learning so important in an organization?  Any large organization today which a name is to reckon with had a beginning once with a small team of 3 or 4 members. They happened to grow this big by relentlessly pursuing the Learning cycle…

The above cycle when performed in a repeated manner obviously leads to the organization growth.  Many of us tend to believe that organizations see their downfall only due to economic or market reasons, but we unintentionally avoid looking into facts.  Let’s look at a possible scenario…

Any dictionary will help us understand what an Organization is: An Organized group of people with a particular purpose…

Accepting this reality sooner is better for the sustenance; as there cannot be a system (Org) in isolation to their people. Having recognized this, today, L&D has assumed paramount importance in order to cultivate learning as a habit.  It is being looked as one of the key factors for the growth of an organization and is developed as a separate function with well set targets.  Besides, learning helps us to cope with change.

Should we confine ourselves to L&D for learning?  How about our own efforts to learn..……??   Equally complex is the other important and the integral part of learning – KNOWLEDGE SHARING.  Are we even turning allergic to this concept?  Imagine if all the inventors had only kept their inventions and discoveries to themselves and not share their knowledge with the larger world, most of the industries wouldn’t have thrived today.  We would have been deprived of various technologies and the associated conveniences we enjoy today.   Same applies to Medical field. Would it not have been a huge loss for mankind if the knowledge were not shared?? Ample evidence of this can be seen right from the Sages era where Knowledge Sharing was imparted through the “Guru – Shishya” (Teacher – Disciple model) in Ayurveda / Siddha areas. In the current era of ‘repositories & data bank’ it should hardly pose a challenge for us to imbibe that.

If knowledge can be shared with the entire society, would it be a challenge doing it with our colleagues?  This in turn helps the organization to quickly respond to challenges; which paves the way for our growth as well.  Essentially our way of life needs to become ever learning and sharing the knowledge gained!!



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